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Smooth Mold Tech Limited understand customer's requirement on quality. We do our best to ensure our products satisfy our customers.
1, Quality control planning, and DFM report.
  At the beginning, we analyze customer's drawing and part model, get the key points from customer and the drawings. This is critical, as we need ensure the positions which will affect the function and assmebly.
  After check the stucture, thickness, moldflow etc. We make DFM report to customer.In this DFM report, customer can find the info about: Gate, Cooling, Structure, Moldflow, Layout, Mold size, etc. Smooth Mold design the mold according customer's DFM comments.

2, Design checking and confirmation.
All design from Smooth Mold, are be checked internally before sending to customer. After ensure all design problem solved, and got the confirmation from customer side. We start order the steel and start cutting.
3, Mold components machining process controlling.
During the mold components machining process, we check all part dimensions to ensure the part meet tolerance.
Simple parts are checked by common checking equipment, and for inserts or part with surface shape, we use CMM to check them.
4, Assembly mold checking.
After all mold components done, we double check all parts again during the assembly process.
5, Trial.
After trial, we check the samples with two way: apperant problems and dimensions. After checked, we offer the report to customer, in case customer need some more improvement.

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